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Stuff I like to talk about!

This website is really great and I really like how beck is just putting out albums only through the internet. I like the santa doesn't smoke one. check out the sound cloud.

Chaos magic is a type of magic that combines many different esoteric things into one.

The book LIBER NULL and psychonaut teaches you how to develop practical skills in order to practice your own magic successfully.

This is a website that sells bottles of vodka in the shape of water pipes. The best thing about them is that there are already pre-drilled holes in the bottle. So... alls you need is a glass stem, a lighter, and your herb of choice.

Father said that the telephones are programmed to speak to you exactly like how someone else would. For example, if I were to call Father, I would not be talking to him, but I would be talking to the computer inside of the phone, but nobody knows that... And that's how, according to him, that the moon pilgrims didn't go insane.

It takes careful planning, in these days and times, to not go insane, as the moon pilgrims know. You have to adjust your expectations. For instance, voices, especially over the phone, need to remain only voices. You have to strip them of th...eir relationships to the people who may or may not be speaking them, as well as the meaning their syntax may or may not contain. You have to hear only sound, and respond only by making your own sounds. True meaning can be got at only in the most roundabout ways. By ignoring intention. Your sanity stays well intact as long as you follow the simple procedures of listening only for sound, looking only for color and shape and light, never expecting anything more, even of yourself. The technique was developed as a necessary survival mindset by the Moon Pilgrim Scotty Watergate when his platoon's first mission went awry out on the lunar sea.

I wasn't born on the moon. In fact, I grew up on Earth. We immigrated, like many of the others, because of the doomsday prophecy of 2012 and because of the "great harvest". It all came true and before the chaos, and the virus, and nuclear, we were taught how to time travel.

This is the basic exercise we repeated for months before we left...

Either make circles with your thumb and forefinger or put your hands together like you're "praying". Both create circuits.

Imagine a flow of electricity in your hands, then don't just imagine it, you have to feel it and believe that it's really part of you. Then feel it flowing down your arms and into your shoulders, to the center of your forehead where both streams match. Now feel it flowing through all of that like a giant circuit going very fast, eventually you'll feel static fields around your head/arms/hands, just like when you put your hand up to a TV screen. Once you get there you'll have no problem sending it to any part of your body and with enough time, the things around you.

Eventually it will feel normal to you, and with the same focus it took to establish it to begin with you'll be amplifying it instead.

And that was your start, and anything you did beyond that was at your own risk, for both your body and your mind. Time travel basically gives you epilepsy and other shitty mental conditions.

So we made it to the moon. But we were pretty much epileptic. Most of us thought it was a fairly fair trade. The trip was tragic but necessary, and just in the nick of time as the first waves of hysteria began to wash the globe as the first... midnight ball dropped in 2012. We joined circuits and the energy began to flow through us and soon in between us and into the air all around us and the gymnasium of the Neil's Point Junior High School and all of it -- us, the air, the gym -- began to dislocate from time's apparent stream. It took all of our energy but time and therefore space were our bitch from that moment on. When at last we began to faint one by one from the force draining us, we had already arrived. Somehow the gym was airtight and solid against the vacuum of space, not even a crack in the windows. It rocked precariously on the edge of a powdered crater. The sun was white and cold everywhere. Through the lattice on the gymnasium doors we watched the people of earth consume themselves. Then, fighting through the first onsets of epileptic fits and other neurological symptoms, we began to make preparations for terraforming our new home. The moon pilgrims had arrived.

Japan Tsunami!

I made a reddit for my state. It's called /r/twincitiesents. Maybe if any of you twin cities people browse through here, they will be able to see my page. Or you can just check it out here.

It's very funny, check it out. I think that people reincarnate into animals that were in a band or something like that, and then they try to play music.

Buy a copy on Amazon and read it, you'll be glad you did. It really opened my eyes to the world around me. I know it's a bit stupid to advertise for it, but I think we should all have a copy.

Well I think I found a way to exploit the community college computers...
Do you think that this would work?

finally found a job that is worth working at. I am going to be working as a canvasser for a clean water advocacy group. Basically I will be telemarketing and getting people to make donations and such.

Well, I have never done it before, but I certainly am willing to try. I hope they understand that I am in school...

Here's a shitty rap song I made... Enjoy

Soul Chicken by donkeyskullvertebray

I just got my reports back from the mental hospital. I went pretty crazy, but I was a dick.

That weird bitch that I posted is full of shit. Don't mind her. Instead, I think it would be wise if you just did what feels good in life.

I read that she was a bit of a nut job. By the way, has anyone here ever created a thoughtform or servitor? I am starting to look at this magic/new age stuff like advanced psychology and self-help.

You have to believe in falsehoods in order to believe in the truth.

if you are interested in the occult, the watch this video. definitely for magic newbs.

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Hey, how do you hustle? Some say that the best way is to sell drugs. However, I don't have any yay o.

This rap group called the gs boyz made a video and a dance move... it's all the rage.

Craigslist is a horrible place. all the jobs are horrible. USA sucks, but it is better than Somalia.

Can I please have a job doing something I love? Drug dealing is a fun activity.

I need a job so bad... I also can't find my follower's page. wtf.

I kind of just put a lot of stuff here and then make some crazy comments. It's disordered, but functional. Okay... random picture.

I honestly hate Chloe Dy****ra... Why? I don't know. I have never met her in my life, but I think it is because she seems to be a rich whore, and I can say this here because no one gives a shit or reads my words.

FUCK that bitch... Seeeeeeeriously.

She is untalented and has a rich father... Okay, let's move on now, back to earth.

All occultists need to work on their ESP skills.

Magic happens in a unique state called gnosis.

Gnosis comes through meditation, but some achieve gnosis through other means like pain or mantras. First, you clear your mind. The state of gnosis has been described as a single point of consciousness in a sea of infinity.

There are four chakras that are used primarily in this study of magic:

1. The Third Eye.
2. The Manipura.
3. The Muladhara.
4. The Saharara.

So, the first step to all of this is reaching gnosis. Then you try and open your third eye while you are in the gnosis state.

I think that it really is another way of talking about end times in a new-age way.

I saw an infographic about it. It was eye-opening.

The great harvest will happen soon. This means that we will be incarnated again or live on the 4th density.

I am sitting at my apartment contemplating the future of this blog. I wonder who has read it since then.