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Stuff I like to talk about!

I honestly hate Chloe Dy****ra... Why? I don't know. I have never met her in my life, but I think it is because she seems to be a rich whore, and I can say this here because no one gives a shit or reads my words.

FUCK that bitch... Seeeeeeeriously.

She is untalented and has a rich father... Okay, let's move on now, back to earth.

All occultists need to work on their ESP skills.

Magic happens in a unique state called gnosis.

Gnosis comes through meditation, but some achieve gnosis through other means like pain or mantras. First, you clear your mind. The state of gnosis has been described as a single point of consciousness in a sea of infinity.

There are four chakras that are used primarily in this study of magic:

1. The Third Eye.
2. The Manipura.
3. The Muladhara.
4. The Saharara.

So, the first step to all of this is reaching gnosis. Then you try and open your third eye while you are in the gnosis state.

I think that it really is another way of talking about end times in a new-age way.

I saw an infographic about it. It was eye-opening.

The great harvest will happen soon. This means that we will be incarnated again or live on the 4th density.

I am sitting at my apartment contemplating the future of this blog. I wonder who has read it since then.