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Stuff I like to talk about!

That weird bitch that I posted is full of shit. Don't mind her. Instead, I think it would be wise if you just did what feels good in life.

I read that she was a bit of a nut job. By the way, has anyone here ever created a thoughtform or servitor? I am starting to look at this magic/new age stuff like advanced psychology and self-help.

You have to believe in falsehoods in order to believe in the truth.

if you are interested in the occult, the watch this video. definitely for magic newbs.

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Hey, how do you hustle? Some say that the best way is to sell drugs. However, I don't have any yay o.

This rap group called the gs boyz made a video and a dance move... it's all the rage.

Craigslist is a horrible place. all the jobs are horrible. USA sucks, but it is better than Somalia.

Can I please have a job doing something I love? Drug dealing is a fun activity.

I need a job so bad... I also can't find my follower's page. wtf.

I kind of just put a lot of stuff here and then make some crazy comments. It's disordered, but functional. Okay... random picture.