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Stuff I like to talk about!

Do you ever get that feeling where you know what you want to do for the rest of your life, but then you think that the idea you just had was fucking stupid?

Do you ever get that feeling where you go "oh man, you know, if i was a... i could make so much money". Then you think "naww, I would just sit at a desk all day like my father".

Maybe it's just me, but life seems like a huge commercial. All I can do right now is watch it slowly go by.

I'll have a rock band sooner or later. There's no sense feeling this way.

welcome to the batcave, which is updated sometimes.

So you've been wondering what happened to old matt ng? recently I was awarded a prestigious grant for the new zombie horror film that I am making called 'my little brother is a zombie', i also got the chance to ravish all of my old high school fantasies, i found a nice/cheap apartment in minneapolis, and I organized all of my music on my mp3 player.

just kidding... but seriously folks!! despite living with my parents, toking up every chance i get, and trying to figure out what to do with my limitless talent, i have decided to keep a little weblog of my adventures.

like you care.


matthew ng