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Stuff I like to talk about!

finally found a job that is worth working at. I am going to be working as a canvasser for a clean water advocacy group. Basically I will be telemarketing and getting people to make donations and such.

Well, I have never done it before, but I certainly am willing to try. I hope they understand that I am in school...

Here's a shitty rap song I made... Enjoy

Soul Chicken by donkeyskullvertebray

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    baxxman said

    Real nice rap. You are white aren't you?

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    Viljami said


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    Savage Nugget said

    Noble job! :D

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    yoda said

    soul chicken? lol

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    Vinnie said

    I can't believe I listened to that all the way through...

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    smellme2 said

    LOL that is awesome

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    Diorf said

    Nice song!

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    duffboi said

    interesting, umm, song, hehe. good luck with the job

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    Yooklyne said

    Congrats ! I'm actually searching for a job :(

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