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Stuff I like to talk about!

Okay, one more post.

This is for those that want to be enlightened about marijuana.

Common misconceptions:

MYTH - The Gateway Theory, in relation to marijuana, it is the theory that because of this drug, you will go on to do other, harder drugs.

FACT - The Gateway theory is bunk

MYTH - Marijuana causes brain damage, has a teratogenic effect on reproductive cells, suppresses the immune system, is more dangerous than tobacco and impairs short term memory.

FACT - Marijuana does the opposite of these. Just watch super high me on google video. also, you can cut the effects on your lungs by baking marijuana into foods and using a vaporizer.

I wish it was this easy for politicians to accept this.

I guess I am just using other people's information, but so far there have been no ill effects to me.

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