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Stuff I like to talk about!

I suppose that I can't sink any further, or show that I am any worse-Aww fuck it..

Two favorite Red Tube Videos

1. - this is the Vanessa Hudgens sex tape that fucked up her career. If you look on wikipedia, which is written by retards, you will see that she only posed for a photoshoot in 'suggestive lingerie', but that is not true and here's the video for proof. My favorite parts are pretty much everything, Vanessa Hudgens is willing to do it hot and sloppy. Also, I hate the new Disney today, and everyone agrees that High School Musical sucks ass. That is the reason that this video exists.

2. - I like women that don't speak the same language as me. Imagine if you were fucking a woman and she was saying "Your nuts are disgusting, you sir, are a terrible fuck". In spanish that would be something like "Sus frutos secos son repugnantes, usted seƱor, son una terrible cogida". Then, in real life it would be all jumbled because you were tapping that ass real hard, then she would say "Sus fruto-aaagh-son-repug-nahhhh-ntes, u-u-u-u-usted senor, son una terible cogida", then you would say "yeah baby keep speaking spanish to me". now imagine if Dave chapel was saying it. It kind of makes it funnier. idk lol.

By the way, I'm not good at making jokes. I just write what I want because I like doing it that way. fuck you. fuck you.

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